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Java Web Services and XML

This is the general community for Web Services and XML. Check the Community Resource links on the left page of this page. This community includes two other communities: the JWSDP implementations are grouped in the jwsdp subcommunity while the Relax NG subcommunity covers projects in that schema language.

Community News & Announcements

At the present time there are no announcements, but please check back again soon for new content.

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JavaLand 2015 Wrap-Up
posted by edburns on Mar 30, 2015
JavaLand 2015 Wrap Up After months of preparation, it all came down to three days of intense execution, and I was just one speaker. I can only...
Private Certificate Authority
posted by evanx on Mar 24, 2015
In a recent blog entry, I publicized my Final Quadrilogy of articles on Java SSL.
Minecraft Modding Course at Elementary School - Teach Java to Kids
posted by arungupta on Mar 22, 2015
Cross posted from
Java at London techhub's most successful startup
posted by jacksjpt on Mar 16, 2015
I thought some of you might be interested in hearing about Java and the Java dev team at a startup that's grown beyond the initial stage.
MVC vs JSF a bit of a different perspective
posted by mriem on Mar 13, 2015
Now that both JSRs are in full swing I am going to offer you all a bit of a different perspective between the 2 technologies. As I have stated...

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The EAS-CAP Industry Group has released a draft "EAS-CAP Industry Group EAS-CAP Profile...
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Members of the OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension (PAPE) Working Group have released...
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Microsoft has announced a new identify management strategy under code-name 'Geneva'. This single,...
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W3C has launched the Web Services Resource Access (WS-RA) Working Group, chartered to standardize a...
The XML Cover Pages Office Open XML File Formats Published as ISO/IEC 29500:2008 Final Standard
ISO announced the publication of the Office Open XML File Formats specification as an ISO/IEC joint...