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Welcome to JavaDesktop, a gathering place for members of the Java™ platform's graphical user interface (GUI) community. Here you'll find news, discussions, technical articles, and open source projects that use the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE™) APIs to produce applications with rich client interfaces. (If you're looking for information on the Sun Java Desktop System, you can find it at

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Community News & Announcements

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Latest from our Bloggers

SQE Project is under active development again.
posted by fvo on Sep 15, 2015
Good news! After a long time of silence, active development on the SQE project has started again. The source can be found on
A practical example using MarkupKit and WebRPC
posted by gkbrown on Sep 8, 2015
Following up on my last entry - this article continues the discussion of WebRPC with a practical example. The example simulates a connected air...
Introducing WebRPC
posted by gkbrown on Aug 31, 2015
It has been a long time since I posted anything on However, I've been working on a new open-source project recently that may be of interest...
NetBeans Day in Burkina Faso report
posted by pandaconstantin on Jul 29, 2015
Ecole Supérieure D'Informatique of Université Polytechnique de Bobo-Dioulasso has got an extraordinary chance to stand the first NetBeans Day in...
Browsing Your Developer Cloud Service Maven Repository Using Cyberduck
posted by bleonard on Jul 28, 2015
Browsing Your Developer Cloud Service Maven Repository Using Cyberduck

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This month I've released Orson PDF version 1.7, a compact and fast API for creating PDF content in...
Survey Confirms JSF Remains Leading Web Framework
In the past ten years or so few topics have caused as much impassioned debate as the question of...
Java Götterdämmerung [opinion]
A few weeks ago I mentioned that I thought Java was dead, and was surprised that it elicited any...