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Welcome to Java Tools Community, a gathering place for those interested in Java™ Development Tools. Here you'll find news, articles, discussions, great open source tools and all the help you'll need to start up your project.

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Customizing Java Serializarion [Part 1]
[Posted Sep 6, 2011]

In our last post we looked at some of the basics of Java Serialization. We also took a look at how object resolving is done by the JVM and the effects of serialization of the same object on different/same ObjectOutputStreams.

... now has a Maven repository
[Posted Aug 23, 2011] uses Sonatype Nexus to provide Maven repository hosting service: You can deploy snapshots, stage releases, and promote your releases so they will be synced to Maven Central. To assure the quality of artifacts in Maven Central, all new release versions must meet some quality requirements. Once you have new a release version deployed to Nexus repository, we will help you clean up old versions and sync them into central. This document will guide you the whole process step by step.

Serialization in Java
[Posted Aug 23, 2011]

Java provides its developers with a rich set of APIs for object serialization. In this article we will look into some of the intricacies of object serialization in Java.

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