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Java Communications

The mission of this site is to promote and propagate Java into the Communications Industry. At this site there is a ground swell of support from industry associations, software vendors, universities, hobbyists, and individual contributors, for the development of Java concepts, code, utilities, programs, events, articles, projects, and white papers.

Community News & Announcements

Google Summer of Code 2012 is on! Apply Now!
[Posted Mar 27, 2012]

This year Jitsi is participating in GSoC under the umbrella of the XMPP Standards Foundation. To all students: check our the Jitsi project ideas and Apply Now!. You can also check the other cool XMPP projects particpating with the XSF. Waste no time, deadline is April 6!

Stable Jitsi 1.0-beta1-build.3651 now available
[Posted Sep 27, 2011]

After a few months of hard work, debugging and a lot of fun, the Jitsi team is proud to bring you our latest stable Jitsi build! Among the most notable changes this build brings we have

  • video calls to GTalk,
  • calls to regular numbers via Google Voice,
  • support for Skype's SILK wideband codec and many more

So, Don't waste any more time and go get it now!

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