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JCP Star Spec Leads Nominations for 2014 JCP Star Spec Leads are open. Anyone can submit a nomination for Star Spec Lead;

Welcome to the JCP community, a gathering place of those who are involved in JSR projects as well as those interested in work defined by the JCP process. This community is designed to be a place for JCP discussion and collaboration. The development of the outputs of a JSR — the Specification, the Reference Implementation (RI) and the TCK — will take place here on

The JCP projects found here are led by Spec Leads who have decided to leverage's infrastructure for JCP development and collaboration. You will also find other JCP discussions that may or may not be led by Spec Leads or those involved in the JCP. Each hosted JCP Project has a public area where discussions will take place between the community and those involved in the JCP development project.

For more information about the JCP Program, refer to our overview page.

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