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Welcome to JavaDesktop, a gathering place for members of the Java™ platform's graphical user interface (GUI) community. Here you'll find news, discussions, technical articles, and open source projects that use the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE™) APIs to produce applications with rich client interfaces. (If you're looking for information on the Sun Java Desktop System, you can find it at

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At the present time there are no announcements, but please check back again soon for new content.

Latest from our Bloggers

Trying out the Java 9 REPL
posted by cayhorstmann on May 25, 2015
One of the joys of programming with a dynamic language such as Lisp or Python is the instant feedback you get from the interpreter. You try out a...
Leveraging the Oracle Developer Cloud from Eclipse
posted by bleonard on May 22, 2015
In an earlier post I wrote about Getting to Know the Developer Cloud Service. There wasn't an IDE used in that post and I'm a big fan of IDEs.
Getting Started with Spark and Hadoop
posted by caroljmcdonald on May 21, 2015
This tutorial will help you get started with Standalone Spark applications on the MapR Sandbox.
ConFESS 2015 Wrap Up
posted by edburns on May 18, 2015
ConFESS 2015 Wrap Up Hard on the heels of JavaLand was ConFESS.
Glassfish is not dead
posted by mriem on May 12, 2015
You might have heard some folks in the JavaEE community scream "Glassfish is dead!" As I work on 2 technologies that are going to end up in JavaEE 8...

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