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Welcome to JavaDesktop, a gathering place for members of the Java™ platform's graphical user interface (GUI) community. Here you'll find news, discussions, technical articles, and open source projects that use the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE™) APIs to produce applications with rich client interfaces. (If you're looking for information on the Sun Java Desktop System, you can find it at

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Community News & Announcements

At the present time there are no announcements, but please check back again soon for new content.

Latest from our Bloggers

Maintaining Mojarra and its testing stack
posted by mriem on Apr 30, 2015
Software is an interesting thing. We currently live in a very fast paced society where changes seem to come and go. However that is really only true...
An Inside Look at the Components of a Recommendation Engine
posted by caroljmcdonald on Apr 13, 2015
Recommendation engines help narrow your choices to those that best meet your particular needs. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at...
Mojarra 2.3.0 Milestone 2 has been released!
posted by mriem on Apr 9, 2015
The JavaEE 8 process is underway and JSF 2.3 is making progress. We have just released our 2nd milestone. See
Maps and markers, the Magnolia way: the Google Places module
posted by rah003 on Apr 7, 2015
After a short hiatus from blogging, I’d like to show you something exciting today. I can’t take the credit for all of the work - the development was...
Java Project in Machine Learning
posted by jcmansigian on Apr 2, 2015
Java/Akka based technology models, each of which model a different technology, are active in a distributed Internet community. Any of the technology...

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