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Welcome to the Java Community Process!

Welcome to the JCP community, a gathering place of those who are involved in JSR projects as well as those interested in work defined by the JCP process. This community is designed to be a place for JCP discussion and collaboration. The development of the outputs of a JCP — the Specification, the Reference Implementation (RI) and the TCK — will take place here on

The JCP projects found here are led by Spec. leads who have decided to leverage's infrastructure for JCP development and collaboration. You will also find other JCP discussions that may or may not be led by Spec. leads or those involved in the JCP. Each hosted JCP Project has a public area where discussions will take place between the community and those involved in the JCP development project.

JSR Implementations are not found here.

For more information about the JCP Program, refer to our overview page.

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Community News & Announcements

Lists of JCP projects and JSRs
Jan 3, 2013 list of Active JSRs (JSR milestone posting in the last 12 months).

Interested in other JCP-related projects on Refer to the list of all JCP projects.

Congratulations to the 2013 JCP Award Winners announced at the JCP party . Meet the new Star Spec Lead Brian Goetz.

JCP Adopt-a-JSR Meetings
Nov 4, 2012

We will meet again April 2014 to share our results and success to date--stay tuned for details!

The materials and recordings from the latest Adopt-a-JSR calls - are now available.

Setting up a JSR project on
Jan 9, 2012

JCP 2.9 contains a number of required measures to ensure transparency of the operation of the Expert Group. JCP 2.9 JSR Specification Leads are free to come up with their own implementations of these requirements, but one way of doing them is to create a project on for the JSR. This page explains how to do this.

Oct 26, 2011

JSR 355, Executive Committee Merge, is Final as JCP 2.9. You can read the JCP 2.9 Process Document.

JSR 358, A major revision of the Java Community Process, is now in progress and can be followed on; the public EC Meeting in June provides an update on status in the recording, and the JCP.Next update article on includes comments from community members on the items under discussion.

Executive Committee Members
Oct 17, 2011

Read the latest EC Meeting materials and minutes from the March Teleconference. The next meeting is a teleconference on 15 April.

JCP EC Members !


JCP Blog

And then there were four - the JCP.Next effort continues!
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Adopt-a-JSR Online Meeting 20 March
Adopt-a-JSR is a JUG-led global initiative to improve Java standards. Groups of JUG members...
Java SE 8 JSRs Post Final Release milestones
February was a busy month with all of the preparations for the upcoming Java 8 release in March....
The JCP at the 2014 IOUC Summit
The week of January 20, the International Oracle User Group Community (IOUC)  met at the...
2013 Star Spec Lead Announced
Congratulations to the newest Star Spec Lead, Brian Goetz. Brian is the Spec Lead for JSR 335,...
January JSR updates - EC Ballot Results and Java SE 8 PFD Milestones
This is the first post of 2014--Happy New Year!  The JCP 2014 Calendar has been published with...


New Star Spec Lead!

Congratulations to the newest JCP Star
Spec Lead
, Brian Goetz. Brian is the
Spec Lead for JSR 335,Lambda Expressions
for the Java Programming Language.

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