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The Java Enterprise Community on is a new gathering place for developers working with Java Enterprise Edition (EE) technologies. Here, you can immerse yourself in a thriving community of developers and technology experts and find people with similar interests to help with your own open-source projects. Check back often to find the latest project/community news!

Community News & Announcements

Considering submitting a new project in the Enterprise Community?
[Posted Sep 19, 2011]

Read the questions that enterprise leaders ask you, after you have submitted a new project request. This will help community leaders approve your projects quicker.

Need some BluePrints to help in your design work?
[Posted Sep 19, 2011]

The J2EE BluePrints formalize best practices, guidelines and applications for designing enterprise applications and web services using Java technologies.

New to the Java Enterprise Edition (EE) platform?
[Posted Sep 19, 2011]

Read this short document to get started in no time!

Latest from our Bloggers

MVC vs JSF a bit of a different perspective
posted by mriem on Mar 13, 2015
Now that both JSRs are in full swing I am going to offer you all a bit of a different perspective between the 2 technologies. As I have stated...
The Elephant In The Cloud
posted by timboudreau on Mar 8, 2015
Imagine if, for example, the hypervisors that run EC2 were compromised - imagine almost every business you deal with online compromised, all at once...
Case Study: Moving To The Pull Request Workflow & Integrating Quality Engineers On The Team For Better Software Quality
posted by manning_pubs on Feb 23, 2015
By Christopher W. H. Davis, Continuous Improvement Save 40% on Continuous Improvement with discount code jn15ci at
Comparing Spock and JUnit by Konstantinos Kapelonis from Java Testing with Spock
posted by manning_pubs on Feb 19, 2015
By Konstantinos Kapelonis, Java Testing with Spock Save 40% on Java Testing with Spock with discount code jn15spock at
MVC JSR 1.0 Snapshots
posted by mriem on Feb 18, 2015
The MVC JSR is progressing nicely and we have started publishing SNAPSHOT builds. If you want to try them out grab the API JAR from https://maven....

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