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The Java Enterprise Community on is a new gathering place for developers working with Java Enterprise Edition (EE) technologies. Here, you can immerse yourself in a thriving community of developers and technology experts and find people with similar interests to help with your own open-source projects. Check back often to find the latest project/community news!

Community News & Announcements

Considering submitting a new project in the Enterprise Community?
[Posted Sep 19, 2011]

Read the questions that enterprise leaders ask you, after you have submitted a new project request. This will help community leaders approve your projects quicker.

Need some BluePrints to help in your design work?
[Posted Sep 19, 2011]

The J2EE BluePrints formalize best practices, guidelines and applications for designing enterprise applications and web services using Java technologies.

New to the Java Enterprise Edition (EE) platform?
[Posted Sep 19, 2011]

Read this short document to get started in no time!

Latest from our Bloggers

Take Magnolia to the cloud, but keep one foot on solid ground
posted by rah003 on Mar 30, 2014
While parts of the cloud IT that are still being hyped are changing rapidly, the whole segment is not past the hype yet. The cloud report [1] that...
Poll Result: the Future of the View Layer in Java EE Applications
posted by editor on Mar 26, 2014
The most recently completed poll, which was submitted by Walter Nyland, asked the community about which technologies represent the future...
Ed's JavaLand 2014 Picks
posted by edburns on Mar 3, 2014
This entry lists Ed’s picks for the brand new JavaLand conference. Many of the talks are in German, but there is enough English to make it...
WebDAV Support for JAX-RS 1.2
posted by mkarg on Mar 1, 2014
It actually happened a few weeks ago already, but I simply didn't find the time to spread the word earlier -- just too much other stuff to do (see...
Just a Spoonful of Java EE Makes the AngularJS Localization Problem Go Away
posted by edburns on Feb 25, 2014
I presented this demo at DevNexus 2014 in Atlanta today. It is Reza's demo with just a pinch more Java EE thrown in. This blog entry covers how to...

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