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Java Web Services and XML

This is the general community for Web Services and XML. Check the Community Resource links on the left page of this page. This community includes two other communities: the JWSDP implementations are grouped in the jwsdp subcommunity while the Relax NG subcommunity covers projects in that schema language.

Community News & Announcements

JavaOne Session Replay
[Posted Nov 9, 2014]

Watch JavaOne 2014 sessions and tutorials now at
New sessions are released every week!

IoT at Scale. Cranes, Planes, Automobiles.
[Posted Oct 7, 2014]

In this event, RedMonk will bring its unique perspective, developer-led approach and craft experiences to SAP TechEd &...

The Annual JCP Community Party
[Posted Sep 17, 2014]

The annual JCP Community Party will be held on Monday evening, September 29, in San Francisco at the Hilton Hotel. Reserve your ticket early at! See our full list of activities at JavaOne at

View the 12th Annual JCP Awards nominees - The unveiling will occur at the JCP Community Party.

Latest from our Bloggers

NetBeans Day in Burkina Faso report
posted by pandaconstantin on Jul 29, 2015
Ecole Supérieure D'Informatique of Université Polytechnique de Bobo-Dioulasso has got an extraordinary chance to stand the first NetBeans Day in...
Browsing Your Developer Cloud Service Maven Repository Using Cyberduck
posted by bleonard on Jul 28, 2015
Browsing Your Developer Cloud Service Maven Repository Using Cyberduck
Back from the JCrete Unconference
posted by cayhorstmann on Jul 27, 2015
Some time ago, I got an invitation from Heinz Kabutz (the man behind the Java Specialists newsletter, to which you should subscribe right away if you...
Developing professional Java application with NetBeans IDE at university
posted by pandaconstantin on Jul 16, 2015
Last saturday, 11th july 2015, I was at Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique de Bobo Dioulasso for a training session on how to build a professional Java...
Managing Concurrency in SIP Servlet 2.0
posted by binod on Jul 12, 2015
There are some key differences to programming SIP applications compared to usual Java EE applications, which are mostly based on HTTP. Often SIP...

Java web services and XML on Twitter

Java web services and XML on the Web

The XML Cover Pages EAS-CAP Industry Group Publishes Profile for the Common Alerting Protocol
The EAS-CAP Industry Group has released a draft "EAS-CAP Industry Group EAS-CAP Profile...
The XML Cover Pages Public Review for OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension (PAPE) 1.0
Members of the OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension (PAPE) Working Group have released...
The XML Cover Pages Microsoft 'Geneva' Framework Supports SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, and WS-Trust
Microsoft has announced a new identify management strategy under code-name 'Geneva'. This single,...
The XML Cover Pages W3C Forms New Web Services Resource Access (WS-RA) Working Group
W3C has launched the Web Services Resource Access (WS-RA) Working Group, chartered to standardize a...
The XML Cover Pages Office Open XML File Formats Published as ISO/IEC 29500:2008 Final Standard
ISO announced the publication of the Office Open XML File Formats specification as an ISO/IEC joint...
Revving Mobile Java: OJWC 3.1 released

With over 3 billion devices and counting, Java on mobile devices is enjoying growth and huge adoption in many key markets around the world.

JTHarness 4.4.1 released

JTHarness is one of those projects that may not be very well known to the general developer population, but which are nevertheless critical to many software projects.

Now available: RS232 Comm Plugin for NetBeans

As reported four weeks ago, Ingmar Hendriks has been working on improving integration of microcontroller development with the NetBeans IDE.

JavaOne @ Parleys

Just a quick note: As announced a couple of weeks back, Oracle and Parleys are working together to bring a lot of JavaOne 2011 content online for you to watch.

At this point, a total of 48 sessions are now publicly available on, and have been viewed around 75,000 times already.

Happy Holidays!

Taking a quick break from the break to wish everyone Happy Holidays And A Great 2012!

javatools: Hey, JTHarness 4.4.1 MR1 Release is out! The release notes for this testing framework are here:
javatools: Hey, JTHarness 4.4.1 MR1 Release is out! The release notes for this testing framework are here:
Missed JavaOne 2011? Catch up with these videos

(Update: You will need to register (or log in) first before you can access the videos)

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a video shoot summarizing the key announcements at JavaOne 2011 in San Francisco.

Quick News: JavaOne LAD videos and podcasts, Java SE 7u2 and JavaFX 2.0.2, eFX project, popular tech articles of 2011

Just back from Brazil and no time to catch my breath … so much happening:

Java ME SDK 3.0.5 released
Microcontroller Development with NetBeans

Update (12/20/11):

Olá Brazil! JavaOne Latin America and JUG Events

For the next 10 days Java will be all over Brazil … and I don’t mean the black, hot kind

JavaOne Latin America

Speaking at DOAG 2011, today at 12:00 noon

Just a quick note:

I will be speaking at the German Oracle User Group (DOAG) at the Conference Center East in Nuremberg today.

Talk: “Oracle’s Strategy for Mobile & Embedded Java”

OT: Fixing choppy video playback on OS X

This is a bit off-topic but I wanted to share because it seems a lot of people are running into issues with choppy video playback and stutter on Mac OS X.

Open sourcing of JavaFX: OpenJFX Project proposed

A few weeks ago at JavaOne, Oracle announced its intention to open source the JavaFX platform.

Mac OS X JavaFX 2.0 Preview and Tutorial: Download now

In case you missed it among the host of announcements at JavaOne (JavaOne 2011: First Wrap-Up):

Java Spotlight Podcast hits 250,000 downloads
Speaking at goto: conference, Prague, Nov 22-23
JavaOne 2011 Report in Japanese
New LWUIT tutorial available
Livin’ the Java Life
JavaOne 2011: Keynote videos,, content slides

If you couldn’t join us in San Francisco last week or you need to catch up with stuff you might have missed (yep, it was a very dense couple of days) … here are some pointers you will appreciate:

JavaOne Latin America: Call for Papers (closes Oct 17)
JavaOne 2011: First Wrap-Up

Finally, I get a chance to catch my breath. JavaOne has been extremely busy and while there are still a few hours of good talks to go here is a quick summary so far:

General observations:

Got a favorite free Java ME library or tool? Let me know!

At JavaOne, on Tuesday at 4:30 pm, I will be doing a BOF session titled:

Top 10 Free Tools and Libraries for Building Better Java ME Applications

JavaOne 2011: The Mobile & Embedded Show Guide, Part 2


JavaOne 2011: The Mobile & Embedded Show Guide, Part 1

Update 9/27:

Quick Updates: Project Lambda Syntax, Java on OS X News, OTN Article on Java 6+7 Client Improvements

Some quick updates and links that have accumulated over the past days:

Join Us in Toulouse, Sep 14 for a Java 7 Event

The JUG in Toulouse, France is hosting me for a Java 7 Event:

Java 7: The Platform Evolves
Wednesday, Sep 14, 18:30
@ Epitech
Toulouse, France

Small, smart, connected: Cinterion Java-powered Wireless Modules
Java 7 Q&A and ‘A Bugs Life’